Societal Values

What are our societal values as a nation? Recently, the news of an acting EFCC chairman Ibrahim Magu broke out on the internet about siphoning funds. He also collects money from suspects and fraudsters. ‘A whole chief thief catcher ‘. We were still dealing with hushpuppy’s laundering and Kashy of Cash Nation record label internet fraud. And of course, trying to come to terms with the shocking news of our very own ‘Forbes rated ‘ yahoo boy Invictus Obi. The criminal cycle seems to go on. Not only is it damaging to our lives and economy, but also damaging to our international reputation as a nation.

Our societal values as a nation have gone down the drain. Nigeria is a country with a decayed value system. Corruption has eaten deep into all facets of our national life. It manifests in different forms, among religious groups, in our educational system in the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, and among the political class. Every one of us can attest to the fact that the value system has been eroded. Gbogbo won lole(they all are thieves) is a Yoruba literature book that depicts this thievery nature.

You hear musicians and celebrities hail these criminals. Kwam 1 is known for praising fraudsters(Ade Bendel, Demola Oyefeso, etc). Olu maintain hit song ‘Yahozee’.9ice ‘living things’.Naira marley ,’Am I a yahoo boy’. Kelly handsome ‘Maga don pay’. And so many others depict that wealth must be got by crook or hook. These musicians sing praises for “the infamous yahoo-yahoo boys”.Justifying their fraudulent activities as “trying to recover our forefathers money”.

Our educational sector which is meant to provide guidelines for social conduct has now become a place for breeding criminals. Certificate forgery, examination malpractices and obscene mode of dressing is now the order of the day.

One cannot even turn to religious groups for help. You hear stories of pastors looting church funds. Imams praying and concocting charms for thieves protection. And you wonder what moral grounds these institutions have to deal with these vices. These days what most churches preach to their congregation is wealth, unmerited blessings. How one will be blessed with all the good things of life just by doing nothing.

I weep for parents who lead their kids to crime knowingly or unknowingly. In this era, a parent will buy admission for the child and expect the child to have values. How? In a situation where a father is dubious, the child already knows this is the way of life. There is a level that a child must be made to know that there is a punishment for committing an offence. Parents must maintain moral standards before their children which will make them sit up.

Don’t even go near the law enforcement agencies. They are the root of our problems. Law enforcement agents harass innocent victims and collect bribes from fraudsters to escape punishment. This prompted the #ENDSARS campaign and calling for the end of the unit and reforms in the police.

Ah society! Many deserving Nigerians had been sidelined from national honour while known public fund ‘thieves’ had been awarded. Every young Nigerian who is yet to register a business name is a motivational speaker. They speak in grammar above and beyond their comprehension. Public speaking is now their ambition even when they don’t have GCE. These motivational speakers delude their listeners into believing that wealth can be got easily without breaking a sweat or lifting a finger, awon aspire to acquire.

There was justice, fairness, honesty, dignity of labour, hospitability, respect for parent/elders, authority, and sanctity of life. Nigerians have generally slipped away from those cherished core values and embraced a new culture, a new way of life, a new world view.

We blame everyone for our woes except ourselves, if it is not the white man it is the military or our politicians.

Re-orientation of societal values as a nation must be structured under parenting (family unit), education, and government. Collaborate effort of individuals alongside government intervention could go a long way to minimize it to a reasonable level. Putting an End to Impunity & Ascension of Rule of Law and Quick Dispensation of Justice to all irrespective of Social Status, Gender, Religion, Ethnicity, etc. Leadership showing by example at all levels.

It’s a Tuesday morning and I want ponmo alatasue(peppered ponmo), after eating a pack of bland sliced bread all through the night. My tastebuds is demanding for something spicy …and my life too!


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  1. You just poured what has been on my mind … Imagine,someone cannot even try and raise a kid here jejeli without having doubts. No more societal values

  2. It is hard to know where the problem stems from, when we have crappy leaders with zero thought. Who though have spent years on the political scene, don’t know their left from their right. We have degraded as a people generally, both leaders and followers alike, and it is only getting worse.

    • Yes, our tiny little bit can make the country better. We can try to uphold the societal values in ou daily lives and wait for a better Nigeria

  3. Thought-provoking article, detailing the rot in our society, and proposing solutions.

    This country is a complete mistake.

  4. Will naija ever be a great nation ?

    Is anything working in this country ?

    I weep for this our generation.

    • We are praying for the country to get better and contribute our individual quota into making it better

  5. Hmmm, even though it looks like there’s no hope for the revival of societal values in the nation; I still believe things will get better, it takes determination and the conscious effort from all of us to make our nation thrive again.

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