If you are new to the world of turtleneck outfits and do not want to take risks, you should start by wearing a simple and preferably neutral shade. It is good to have a roll-neck sweater in your wardrobe. It is a practical option for men with rather long necks to make them look shorter. And it goes with almost every outfit you have. You can check out our style inspiration on how to wear a turtleneck for men

Turtlenecks look best when they are layered with different items such as blazers and coats. Experiment with the ones you have in your collection.

It does not matter what type of event you’re attending; turtlenecks, if styled well, can make you stand out among others. Tuck the roll neck in your pants for a smart and clean look. Finish off the style with black boots.


Pair up a roll neck with a checkered shirt. Flannels are also a nice option to pair up with a roll-neck sweater.

Wear a turtleneck as a standalone top; pair it up with black denim jeans and some casual sneakers. This outfit is good for casual hangouts and gatherings.

You can never go wrong if you are dressed in monochrome. Pair with a denim jacket and any shoe of your choice.

Wear a turtleneck to work. For the shoes, dress shoes will do.


Over the ages, patterned scarves have been labelled as an article of women’s wardrobe. But it has changed now and you can get the look. Tie a patterned scarf over your usually bland outfit to turn it into a stylish one. A thick woollen scarf does not just make your outfit look stylish, but it also wraps your neck up in its warmth. There are several different ways to tie a scarf for men so take your time and experiment with different ways to find which one looks best on you.

There are many ways to accessorize. You can get a cool men’s bag and shades to complete your look. Style your roll-neck the monochromatic way. It’s good to mix and match, so go through your wardrobe to look for outfits that would make a cool combo with a turtleneck.

Try to take inspiration from all the styles mentioned above on how to wear a turtleneck for men and create a look that suits your personal taste and comfort.


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