Armed with her boxes, May managed to meander her way to the big Dongoyaro tree by the roadside on Kay’s street. She sent a short panic text to Ted, her course representative and unrelenting admirer. She thereafter calmed her frayed nerves to think through the precarious situation she found herself and thought of her next move. Remembering the bundle of crispy 1000 naira notes that Jay gave her when she left town. She counted five wads and thought aloud, “some people hold this money ooo.” She did a quick mental calculation of how best to put the money to use and then thought of the best way to handle Ted. “If only he’s not a loose mouth, he would have stood a chance. But then I can’t be the butt of the joke of those his useless friends,” she mumbled under her breath.

“Please come pick me up, I am under that big tree at Obana just beside the MTN mast. IT’S URGENT🙏🏾!” Ted could not believe his eyes when he read those words from his Blackberry messenger. “May? This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am going to make judicious use of it,” he said loudly. Decked in blue jeans, black Polo by Ralph shirt and black loafers to match. He wore his favourite Davidoff Coolwater perfume and combed his jet black full afro. Ted picked up his cash-filled wallet, designer sunshade and the keys to the 1992 Honda Accord salon car his benevolent uncle gave him when he got admission to study Law. He checked himself in the mirror before stepping out of his apartment.

Ted was miming away to the lyrics of Eldee’s Big Boy that was blasting from his car stereo when his mind wandered to how he met May. She had approached him to introduce herself as a jambite . She was on the supplementary admission list and will be needing his assistance and guidance for her registration. He was mesmerized and was already thinking of the many things he can do to her body when she jolted him out of his reverie. “Very well cutie, I’ll gladly be of service. Permit me to say you are adorably beautiful.” His attempt to lavish more encomium on her was met with a loud “Thank You,” from her. “E no get wetin anybody wan tell me, that girl na Ogbanje! I be bad sharp guy kwanu and must kollect. No retreat, no surrender,” he quipped in his heavy Ohafia accent.

Bay turned and gave Kay a clogging hug as soon as May banged the door. “I’ve gat you babe. I’ve gat your back, you need not fear.” he said while patting her back to rein in his reassuring words. He thought of how fast things have evolved in less than 24 hours. “Is this not a fix? Is her love genuine? She may not have the wow beauty like May but she’s beautiful still. The only thing I’ll miss about May is that demonic energy that possesses her whenever we’re making love. If only she can match that energy if only she’ll be willing to learn.” He thought as they began making out again.


Bay woke with a slight headache for a start. She took a clinical look at her snoring companion and then made her way to his kitchen to gulp two glassesful of water and reflect. The last 24 hours have been the most eventful in her adult life yet. Her surprise Valentine visit to her ex had left her heart shattered. How convenient for her to even think of Dave as her ex amused her. She had caught him going down on a lady. Too shocked to utter a word, not to talk of identifying who the lady was. She quietly retraced her steps and trekked the over 2km distance back to her house in a daze.

Bay was sobbing away her heartbreak when she noticed someone was knocking on their gate. She cleaned up her tears and saw it was Kay, her flatmate’s boyfriend. Poor boy, May must have stood him up and he has come checking for her. “Why are good guys always with bad girls and vice versa,” she thought. Her anger and longings emboldened her for that decisive move and the rest they say is history. She thought of the possibility of a future with him as she exited the kitchen and felt this unexplainable inner peace. “I’m going to make this little light shine,” she told herself.


Ted spotted May under the tree and parked beside her. “What are you doing here all alone under this scourging sun?” He came out of the car and was about probing her further when she commanded, “take me to Atlas Hotel.” She didn’t wait for his reaction before opening the passenger side to sit.

He came out of the car, put her boxes in the back seat, entered and revved up the engine en route Atlas with a thousand and one thought running through his mind. “This dramatic Ogbanje don start with her wahala,” he mumbled inaudibly. They were in Atlas in no time and she didn’t bother to help him with her luggage when she catwalked to the reception. All he saw was the exchange of cash and keys between May and the receptionist by the time he made his way with her luggage to the reception. “Things may end up on the freaky side after all,” he thought.


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