Happy new month guys. Yay, it’s September!

So today has been kinda hectic. I woke up in a daze, I got this really bad news the previous night. So it entered my dreamland and woke up with me.

You know that feeling you get when you wake up all confused, tired, drained and your emotions are everywhere that was how I felt. Ever since I read ‘The Secret’ By Rhonda Byrne, I have been able to consciously manage my frustration, my thoughts are always happy thoughts. You attract what you think darlings. Look at me now, I am thinking of a rich dark chocolate dripping muscular dude(shebi it is a cake that comes to mind when you read this, lol) sweeping me off my feet. If you have not read this book, please read it. I can send you a soft copy so you can learn how to live a happy life!

Naturally, when I am hungry, I am angry or when my delivery person does not deliver within the deadline. I get over the edge, I had an experience yesterday. You see as a business person, everything can frustrate you, from the seller to the buyer, to logistics. Yesterday, I almost threw in the towel on business. And to imagine, I had all these frustrations while at work, hungry, trying to get the items to the customer coupled with the bad news I got earlier. I smiled and walked through the day and came out unscathed. I did not get angry, snap, shout or get moody, I communicated with everyone concerned in a calm manner.

Now that we have entered the ember months, what are your plans for the remaining months of the year? The year did not go as planned so be spontaneous. Go diving, go on a date, plan that trip with what you have, attend a party uninvited, ask that guy/girl out. Just do something just for the fun of it and please don’t break hearts.

I remembered one stupid thing I did back then in the University, I did so many stupid things. I call it letting go of my inhibitions, lol. We were coming back from a friend’s birthday party. I just crossed to the middle of the road and started dancing and jumping, my friends were shouting eh gawd Yetunde is drunk.

Another friend joined and we kept jumping around. It was a quiet night and there were no vehicles on the road. After I was done, I saw one handsome dude not far away from us. I quickly walked up to him and said hi handsome, I like you. He looked at me from head to toe,. I like you too, he responded. I laughed! My friends came along and dragged me away from him. I turned back to blow him a kiss, can I have your number? Dude asked. I laughed again. It’s not that deep ooo calm down, I was only fooling around. Anytime I remember this event I always laugh, well I blamed it on the drinks, lol!

This year is a serious year but who says you can’t live the remaining months of the year thankful. Don’t just go through the year like a zombie, I am also taking this advice! Yes, we have experienced more deaths than we can count. May the souls of the departed rest in peace, Amen. When you look back you won’t say the year 2020 was not that year for me. It can be that year for you darlings, starting from now!

If you are at a loss of the fun things to do, I can help you with some suggestions, What are friends for? *winks*. I promise to also follow my advice and do some fun things before this year rounds up, remind me to send you pictures.



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  1. Nice one! This is so true cos the Jetty I know never jokes with food. This year has indeed been a roller coaster, so many people have died and a lot has happened, we can only be grateful and thankful to God and live our life to the fullest by fulfilling purpose. God help us all

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