I sure had fun this December, my mantra was enjoyment considering 2020 shenanigans . I started the month with a getaway weekend with the girls, then I went for the games night. Afterwards, I went on a dinner date with the colleagues. While partying I remembered to network, you know what they say about your network being your net worth.*winks.

The games night was actually fun, not only were there different games like Ludo, Card game, Scrabble, Jenga, Brick game, Ayo, etc but I also networked.


I got there quite late, I went around to look at games being played. I joined the scrabble game, the game was already in progress and I was not mentally prepared for it. That’s gonna be my excuse for getting my ass whooped. Anyways we started the second game and it was a great come-back, I was ready to take over the world. They were not even ready for me. I know I would have won considering how I started, but the game was stopped midway for introductions and group games.

During the introductions, we were asked to say one weird thing about ourselves. I called myself a keyboard warrior and love entangling myself with difficult clients, lol. Keyboard warrior, strange right? One of my new friends still calls me a keyboard warrior.

One thing I noticed during the introductions was that we had 50% HR executives, 30% data analyst and 10% bankers and other professionals. One thing garnered from the introduction is that the HR industry has been saturated. Data analysts are the balling guys and the bankers, I ain’t interested. If you are looking for a field to go into come year 2021, darlings, please go for data analytics. You will thank me later.

They played the kahoot game but I went missing,I was snapping away. My group came second though.

Would I love to do this again? Yes, I will. One needs to let one’s hair down once in a while against all the hustle and bustle of Lagos stress and wahala.


The evening out with my colleagues was fun. They saw me in another dimension, lol. You can snap pictures sha,a colleague said. I came for the pictures sweetheart. What’s an outing without a picture, pictures help lock in memories.

We went to the cinema to watch Quam’s Money, the movie is trash, it is a copy copy from Sugar rush and they no even try. When I read later that it was written by the writer of ‘New Money’, I was not surprised. A total waste of my precious time. I expected more from ‘new money’ and that movie just killed my vibe.

My colleague was insisting that the movie is interesting cos I laughed throughout, really? Anyways I will be going to watch OmoGhetto next to erase the movie from my head.

Then we went to dine at the bungalow restaurant. One fun fact, the manager is so fine a white caucasian male with deep grey eyes(you could get lost in them). I am definitely going back there cos of him. Okay, their food is good and hospitality is fantastic even when they did not help with the menu. We had a four-course meal which includes a soup, an appetizer, a main course, and dessert. I did not like the appetizer(Combination of Spring Rolls, Mozzarella Sticks, Wedge Potatoes, Chicken Tenders, Calamari Rings and Buffalo Wings ). The main dish was pepper soup, rice and grilled chicken. I loved the dessert, it was a mixture of some ice cream, hot banana with cold chocolate and lemon. It has this heavenly taste, it melts on one’s tongue giving you sweet and sour, hot and cold at the same time.

It is not only about having fun this December, I had to mentally prepare myself for the new year.

My parting gift to you is a link to a data analytics course. It was a gift from a Facebook friend and I am also giving it out.

We hope and pray for a wonderful year. See you in 2021. Kisses and Love from yours truly.



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  1. See how someone is having fun,lol. And then you mentioned data analytics, that one ehn issan…#am on my way sontin

  2. See d way u making me salivate cox d way u spell out the dishes en… anyways nice outfits n also enjoy babes

  3. Wow! U sure had fun, wish I had half the fun u had. I recommend Omoghetto the Saga, u won’t regret watching it, great Movie.

    • Yes, I did Rwute. I love the movie Omoghetto The Saga, I laughed all through the movie, it is a stress-reliever. I would love to watch it again.

    • It is located at Yaba. They are planning another games night this January. I will pass across the details to you once I have the complete information.

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