Yay, BBN is back! News has been flying around with a list of the delectable housemates. It is noteworthy to know that some female housemates have been ranking high in search engines due to their alluring body parts. Most Manchester United fans who lost to Arsenal on Saturday, July 13th, 2020 had no choice but to drown their sorrows picking an endowed housemate, lol. Of course, the ladies have also been drooling about the male housemate’s body parts, to be specific their abs. I am a sucker for abs, who is not? * winks

Amala, Gbegiri and Ewedu

FOOD!Yas, I screamed food. Food makes me happy! When it comes to food, I am the biggest fan. I have journeyed far and wide cos of food. Lol, not really far! I was craving amala and abula(a combination of gbegiri and ewedu soup)And my tastebud was demanding for a particular mamaput (local restaurant)brand. I left my house Ishaga, Ogun state(we are still dragging outskirt of Lagos just to be called residents of Lagos) to Mushin to eat amala at the popular two-door joint. While growing up that use to be our legendary food joint.

I don’t know how I always tend to drag food into all my conversations. I am discussing something as serious as earthquakes and societal values and boom! food enters the conversation. I was delivering a presentation on customer support skills, there was a part where I mentioned how to deal with lethargy and monotonous nature of the job. While reeling off the list, I mentioned listening to music, taking a walk, taking a break, and eating. I said ‘As for me, food makes me happy, that is why I am always snacking on something’. And everyone laughed. Food solves all my problems. Once you give me food, my brain goes on autopilot

Asun Goat Meat

I so much enjoyed Asun while I was in Ondo state. Ondo town is legendary for Asun meat, I never say no to Asun meat. Just step it down with a bottle of cold beverage. The day I mistakenly ordered Asun from an eatery, my tastebud regretted it. How can you add curry to Asun, with that unique goaty smell, how? Lagos will do that to you! Please let me know if you know any Asun joint in Lagos. One of these days I am going to Ondo majorly to eat Asun at a local joint.

Atama Soup

Recently, I was at a Calabar kitchen. The woman cajoled me to eat Atama and fufu, I AM IN LOVE is an understatement. I started going there frequently for her Atama soup and we became friends. One day,
the woman said ‘aunty we will be cooking spaghetti bolognese tomorrow, our special dish’. Okay ma, I responded. Who goes to a Calabar kitchen to eat bolognese, please oo face the biz that pays you.

Boiled Corn and Sliced Coconut

Boiled Corn and Sliced Coconut.. a match made in heaven
I was at my Allen office one day and stepped out into the balcony, only for me to see one of those Nupe women hawking boiled corn and coconut. The last time I ate that combo was during my secondary school days. I screamed at the top of my lungs, waved to the woman to enter the building not minding my environment and ‘big girl’ status. Food is involved! The corn is extremely soft, with sprinkled sugar and diced coconut.

Street Foods

There are many foods that are meant to be left for street vendors, foods like Bole and groundnut(I was told Port-Harcourt is known for Bole and fish). Roasted and boiled corn with Coconut or Pear. Fried Akara and Yam. Local frittata(fried yam soaked in Akara mixture). Popcorn and Groundnut.
Kulikuli and Donkwa. Abacha.Garden egg and Groundnut paste.Wara. Beske. Kilishi. Suya.Roasted Yam with Utazi leaf and Ponmo. Ewa Agoyin

One thing is guaranteed for sure, Nigerian street foods are the most delicious food you will ever eat in Nigeria. The varieties of Nigerian foods and diverse taste makes you come back for more. They could serve you as a meal on the go, a snack, or an appetizer. Nigerian foods have a unique flavor that you cannot find anywhere else.

Homemade soups are scarce to find and when you find someone that can deliver that delicious goodness of homemade taste, please hold on to them. Check out kems soup for your delicious homemade soups


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  1. Yetty where is pepper soup and nkwobi na. Chaaiii I can eat asun ten times a day. Well, I know where they sell nice asun in Lagos oo, they will deliver to your doorstep. Meet me for details . But haba, how can you go all the way to Mushin for Amala??? Wen ya nor preggy. You love food cos e no dey show for your body, dis life no just balance aswear. Some pple like us, ordinary water we av expand

    • I feel ur pain o my sister, pple like Yetunde are the ones cheating us in this life, just small snacking on cake, person don fat finish, God will help us

    • Nkwobi and pepper soup are on another level entirely. Amala is my best food, that’s why. I am coming inbox for the Asun joint.

  2. Haba now, You just want me to be big with all this mouth water delicay you mentioned….

  3. I have always known you to be a Foodie! One street food I love is boiled corn and pear (ube), can’t wait to taste that PH’s boli and fish, I have heard so much about it that the day I step into PH, that’s the first food I will goan look for, food is life!

  4. “Nigerian street foods are the most delicious food you will ever eat in Nigeria.”

    True though, wish there is a popular affordable restaurant that just sells Nigerian street food.

  5. I dey your league jare mama. Food no dey show for our body too. Next time you offend me ehn, just come to my doorstep with ila alasepo garnished with orisirisi combined with semi or fufu…the heavens will forgive you join

    • Issokay, it’s just for me to look for your trouble and bring ila alasepo with stockfish, ponmo, crayfish, snail and all the orisirisi

  6. Awa foodie of life, I love food, good food o. But food poisoning stopped Mee from eating out.
    Ha!tiree days on admission with drips and orisirisi drugs. Ha! That experience was awful.

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