Hihi Guys! What did you do for valentine? Was it a private party for two or an outdoor party? Mine was so-so, anyways I am still on the search for the love of my life. Please come and help settle this fight once and for all, I call it the amala war. Which is the most popular local food in Nigeria?


So my colleagues started this argument on a wet, cold Tuesday morning. About amala being the most popular local food in Nigeria, not Lagos ooo guys, Nigeria! My earphone was plugged to my ears so I was unaware of this bashing and slander on the most blessed food God gave man, AMALA. I got a tap on my shoulder followed by “ngbo, amala is not popular?”

He did not have to ask further. My sentences were on a collision course, no full stop, no comma, falling over themselves just to defend the injustice done to ‘my amala’. “No way, you say what, even Igbos know amala, some of them just hate the black thing and the stew prepared with a broom, they know it….”

While trying to explain how amala saved the world from another war, the amala hater colleague cut me short. “what are you saying now, amala of all foods, who knows amala in the North? An Easterner who has never gone out of the East or been in touch with a westerner, does not have access to any connection(Television or the internet) with the outside world has probably never heard of amala. Issawawu. I am shocked!

Another colleague enthused, “everyone loves amala”. Hollup! how is that even possible? I screamed in a shrilling tone, don’t get over yourself MR. Amala is quite popular but not everyone loves it. “What’s wrong with them?” he asked. The hot black sleek chocolate colour pudding with Gbegiri, Ewedu and Assorted meat. I dunno, I shrugged. I like it better when it’s hot and straight from the fire, sliding down my throat with the abula stew oh la la what a heavenly taste. Maybe they are not getting it from the right source like Amala Skye at Ibadan, I countered. It became a banter of words between us.

We obviously had forgotten the amala hater colleague. Let’s even start from this office, he chirped in, the number of people who do not like amala is more than those who do. Woo-hoo, this is not looking too good.

To be fair in my judgment and end this never-ending argument about amala, I had to throw this to the house. To quantify the importance of amala I will be comparing it with the prestigious pounded yam.


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  1. This might eventually be graded accordingly with the part of the Yoruba state or town someone is been produced!…

    You can’t expect Oyo legend to choose pounded yam‍♂️

    And as well An Igbo person that lives in Ojota or Ikorodu in Lagos will rather choose Amala instead of Pounded yam!.


  2. Pounded yam is a premium meal in most parts of Nigeria cause of the wahala needed to make it. Amala is more of a LOCAL dish

  3. amala is more popular….becos i see so many restaurant name thier business “amala junction”….”amala hey”…..”amala university”….bt avnt heard of “poundedyam junction”….even tho some of the amala restaurant prepare poundedyam and other local food bt they would rather hype the amala instead….and moreso, many would rather prepare poundoyam than poundedyam cos of its complexity…. hence, amala is more popular than poundedyam….my casestudy is lagos…bt personally, poundedyam still remains my favourite as an ekiti babe.

  4. Well pounded yam is a top echelon food by any standard and anywhere but amala is way more popular… ehm who said amala is not known in the North? Obviously you are speaking from a blind perspective, Hausas love amala alot, they dont know how to make it but will jump on a plate wherever and whenever they have the opportunity

    • You even gave amala the respect it deserves by adding ami oke and ami isale. You did not leave out the capitalization too, lol.

  5. All of you saying Amala this, Pounded Yam that…….. Have you tried Pupuru? Yes, Pupuru and not fufu………. The Ondo/Ekitiman have jettisoned Pounded Yam to vote for Pupuru ditto for the Oyo/Ibadan folks.

    • Hi Olumide, okay, so this is a battle of Amala and Pounded yam. We can do Pupuru and Fufu to see what people think. Who knows Pupuru apart from the Ondo man, please correct me if I am wrong. What is Pupuru, if I may ask?

  6. Amala is more popular for sure. But which do I prefer? Very tough!

    Give me pounded yam at noon and amala later in the evening

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