YEAR 2020

YEAR 2020!

Are you not tired of hearing the year 2020 has been a roller coaster? You can change the tone of the year to a positive one. Yes, COVID-19 came and tested our faith, #endsars tested our resilience. We lost our loved ones, we are broken, we do not feel the same, we are drained but we can rise way above everything. We still have 58 more days to do more, be more, be happy, love, live and have fun. Take your heart away from all that pain and sadness.

Yes, you want to wallow in tears, sadness and self-pity, but sweetheart, put on party shoes and be merry. This is the time to go out with people, you can have fun by yourself but this is the time you need the next person and the next person needs you. Drop everything for a moment and have the time of your lives

Go on a movie date, go on a shopping spree, fine and dine in nice restaurants, go on a short trip, visit the museum, zoo or arts gallery, get married if you have to. Change 2020 narrative.

Everyone got married last week Saturday, okay not everybody but a good number of people tied the knot. It’s a step in a good direction.

As for me I have decided to have fun with friends and family and I am going all out. I am ticking all my boxes. I need this advise just as much as you.



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  1. Ironically, I know so many folks that are like “2020 is my best year yet.” Different strokes for different folks. As for me, I know the remaining 57 days left in 2020 will be full of fun, love and great accomplishment. As for the party, I’d love to party oooo because it’s been a while I groove.

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