GUYSSSSSSSSSSS, the weekend was all about girls fun trip. We went to the shark house, Eric Kayser restaurant, Nike art gallery and crowned with Moist Beach. Planning the trip was stressful, you do not want to know the time and effort that went into the planning. If you have the priviledge of employing the services of a professional planner when planning a trip within or outside the country, please do.

Considering how the year turned out, I had to relax and let my hair down. I have to thank God for being alive and the ONLY way to do this is to get away from everything that contradicts that and enjoy. To be thankful means to be happy and to be happy in the midst of chaos, sickness, and social unrest, one has to be intentional about one’s happiness.

My intention was Dubai trip with the friends but my bank account screamed staycation lol. After we all concluded it’s gonna be a staycation, we had to decide on places to go. We had so many options from Casa de Papal to Whispering Palms to La champagne to Almat farms to Epe resort to Jara Resorts to Obudu. We had to factor so many things into our planning apart from the cost. Some of us have been to these places and some do not have not so nice things to say about other places. We planned for 3 months, stressful right, I know.

We settled for getting an apartment, going to a lounge, restaurant and getting a spa. . I just wanted to eat, I was just mentioning shark express up and down like my life depended on it.


Location: Service Apartment (VI)
Lavender court

Friday Activities

  1. Check-in – 12pm
  2. Swimming / Henna – 2pm
  3. Dinner – Shark Express
  4. Movie night – Landmark
  5. Games night / Get drunk party

Saturday Activities

  1. Breakfast – Eric Kayser VI – from 8am
  2. Spa/ Manicure – 12pm
  3. Nike Art Gallery / Art Market
  4. Beach / Lounge – Oniru beach & Moist
    Silent disco
  5. Gym
  6. Breakfast – Order from Adugan IG
  7. Check out – 12pm

The d-day came, I closed from work around 12:00 pm, which was the best time I could get away. Lagos traffic can frustrate someone’s life dears. I was tired and restless, while stuck in traffic I fixed my presson nails which was another headache . I am never getting a presson again, never! Immediately I got to the apartment I had to quickly go change for our outing. I later got to know the Henna lady could not make it cos she fainted on third mainland bridge, Lagos traffic will do that to you.SAD!


We had our reservation at shark express secured. I love the vibe of that place and the food. I will like to go there again, I did not master the art of breaking the crabs and shrimps, it was a difficult task. After our meal, we had to quickly rush to Ebeano to get a bottle of wine for those that did not bring theirs.

It was a friend’s birthday the following day and she had to get cake. I tagged along. We could not get the cake but I snapped We went to the Pizza stall but were told they had closed.

For our games night, it was a pyjamas party and we planned all types of tiktok games. I had to quickly change into my kinda pyjamas since I did not bring any along. I saw some slices of Chocolate cake, I ate it thinking it was
for the birthday girl. But I felt something was not right and why will the cake be sliced already. I asked a friend, ‘whose cake is this? Can I take some? Of course, she said’. I love eating cake, I have a sweet tooth. I had already
got to my fourth slice when another friend walked in. Yetunde, you are looking funny, how many of those have you had, I said I ate four slices of cake. It is not cake, she screamed, it is brownies. I laughed all through the night till I slept off. I missed out of all the games.

Before I knew it morning came and we had to dress up to go have our breakfast. Dressing up did not really take long, I just wore a long flowing gown with minimal makeup since it was just breakfast.

Breakfast-turned-brunch-turned-lunch, which was perfect for me. We got to Eric Kayser at about 12:00 pm, settling down and ordering took an hour. After some serious deliberation, I ordered Tagliatelle Alfredo( Tagliatelle white sauce chicken and mushrooms grated parmesan)with Milkshake, I wanted to have a taste of Paris in Lagos like the inscription written on the wall. I did not know what that meant but I like to experiment.

When the waiter brought the meal I was so hungry and ready to dig in. The first taste was heavenly, it tasted like pasta soaked in rich creamy milk with small chunks of chicken. After three spoonfuls, I got tired of the meal, I was literally crying for pepper, I felt like puking. I needed to taste pepper. I had to collect pepper sauce from a friend who ordered Penne ala Miilanaise, I could not hide the Yoruba girl in me. The ambience of the place will make you fall in love with the place, the waitress was courteous and knowledgeable. The chef came to ask if we enjoyed our meal. That for me was sweet.


Then we went to Nike art gallery, I feasted my eyes on the beautiful works of art. I would really love to go there again when there is an exhibition and meet Mama Nike.


Then we went to Moist beach, I was already tired and feeling sleepy. They sure brought entertainment and I had fun.


I missed the games played at the girls fun trip , you can check out Tima Ambali’s Blog.


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  1. That was actually the real definition of “having a nice time away from all the chaos of Lagos”. One needs this often…work no go kill person for this country.
    All works and no play…you know the rest

  2. Haaha…. What a time to be! Nice described the staycation perfectly and all the pictures look beautiful! Go Yetty!

  3. You had massive fun n it’s nice…2020 is really worth the fun after everything that had happened BTW I love your dress

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