Valentine series, love gone wrong. Let’s throw it back a little.

This story rocked my Alma matter when I was an undergraduate. It so happened that this working-class final year student, let’s call him Kay fell in love with this cute lady whose body is a beautiful piece of art, talmabout the coke bottle body shape😋. Let’s call her May. May apart from possessing a banging body is a beauty to behold facially. Guy man Kay sha met and fell hopelessly in love.

As part of the perks attached to being his girl, Kay pulled some stunts and ensured she gained admission. She was given her course of choice for a degree program because she was a diploma student ab initio. Things seemed to be going on smoothly for these love birds till it was Valentine’s day. Kay being an officer of the Nigeria Immigrations service was making serious preparations for their first Valentine together. His house crystal cleaned. Kitchen stocked and his fridge filled to the brim with assorted drinks for what he proposed to be a valentine like no other. He called the love of his life to intimate her of how the night was to go down and to also ask when she’ll be joining him. He noticed she wasn’t enthusiastic about the whole scenario but blamed it on the steamy hot weather that characterised Gwagwalada.

At exactly 7:00 pm, he put another call through to May’s mobile and she didn’t pick. He tried again and again but she didn’t dignify him with a response. Guy man was legit scared for his babe and he didn’t relent in his calls. She finally picked at half-past 8:00 pm and told him point-blank not to call her again that night as she’s having the fun of a lifetime. It was a bewildered Kay that tried calling one more time when her network provider told him her mobile was switched off. In a bid to get to the root of the matter, Kay called his Aboki (Bikeman) and together they set out for May’s apartment.


It took Kay just two furious knocks on the door before May’s flatmate, let’s call her Bay opened the door. He entered and asked for his girlfriend only for Bay to calm him down. And then told him how May had been cheating on him. How she’s not good for him and so many dirty secrets that he’s not privy to. Kay broke down and wept like a baby, she moved closer, placed his head on her bosom. Bay consoled him like a caring mother will console her weeping son. One thing led to another and in no time they were making hot and passionate sex in her bedroom. Not done with that and not minding it’s dusk, she followed him to his apartment for the return leg.😋


May, on the other hand, met Jay (again let’s call him that😂) in class a few weeks after securing admission. Jay is the last son of the Honorable Member representing Etiope Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives at that time. As a big boy by Abuja standard, he’s the cynosure of all the ladies in his class eyes. However, his eyes and heart were only meant for May.

Jay and May started dating and in no time he started to spoil her silly like the perfect lover boy that he is. They were both at the official quarters of his Dad on Valentine’s night when Kay’s first call came in. They were already rocking to tunes from the most sought after DJ in the most exclusive club in Maitama when he started calling for the second and umpteenth time. Jay had earlier promised to change her wardrobe and laptop the following morning. She threw caution to the wind picked the call and barked into the phone telling Kay to stop disturbing her fun.

It was dawn in no time and Jay made do with his promise. He took her to Ceddi Plaza and lavished Abuja money on her. Thus, it was with excitement that she boarded the stuffed cab that was to take her back to Gwags. Her excitement was short-lived and soon faded to anxiety as they approached Gwags. The scenes from the previous night replayed in her head and she remembered how good Kay had been to her. She felt bad for the way she treated him the previous night. She decided the best way to deal with the situation is to head straight to his place to pull a stunt on him. “I will give him my brand new Macbook 4 as valentine gift to stop his probing as to her whereabouts the night before.” May thought to herself.

The cabman took her to Kay’s house, she knocked and didn’t wait for a response before opening the door to let herself in. She entered the living room of the one-bedroom modest apartment. And was approaching his bedroom when a lady spotting a white towel only came out of the bedroom. She took a closer look at the lady and saw her friend and flatmate rocking her personal towel in her boyfriend’s house. “Bay! What are you doing here? Are you sleeping with my man?” She asked while spoiling for a fight. Kay appeared on the scene and placed his arms around her friend’s neck with a menacing look on his face. She couldn’t utter another word but simply packed her boxes and stormed out with seething anger.

What happened thereafter? Watch out for the sequel to this true-life story on valentine series.


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