Yes, in a way you could say marriage is a way out of poverty.

Where poverty is acute, giving a daughter in marriage allows parents to reduce their expenses. One less person to feed, clothe and educate. In communities where economic transactions are integral to the marriage process, a dowry or ‘bride price’ is often welcome income for poor families. Coming together and having two incomes. And of course, marrying out of your class.

Is Marriage A Way Out Of Poverty

Been exposed to fairy tales where Cinderella marries Prince Charming and  Aladdin weds Princess Jasmine has shaped our mindset. But what happens in real life? Marrying out of your class most times does not end in happily ever after. Imagine finding yourself in a situationship where you meet a rich dude and you have to constantly live up to his social standards. To him, it is a way of life but your carefree life has just been put to an end.

Little things that you feel do not matter is now a big issue. To you a spoon is a spoon but to his family, it is a taboo to use a dessert spoon to drink soup. You start to feel constantly on edge around his family. Your mannerism and identity has to change in order to be accepted. You become a shadow of your self and end up unhappy just because you want to climb up the social ladder.

For years, the slogan ‘Stay in School’ has communicated an anti-poverty message to young people. Now it’s time for an even more important poverty-fighting theme. ‘Get Married.’ An era when two incomes are increasingly necessary to raise a family, getting married makes excellent economic sense. More income means less poverty . This isn’t the result of the magic of marriage but the magic of addition.

The advantage is marriage is plainly not just the addition of two incomes. When disaster strikes, as it always will, and you are alone, it really is a disaster. With two people, you can divide the load. This makes a huge difference. Unfortunately for many families with just one earner, one salary is rarely enough to support a household these days, unless that person is quite successful.

Do you know poverty also pushes couples apart? If poverty pushes couples apart can we then say Marriage is not a way out of poverty but getting an education is, earning an income is, being financially literate is.

I will really love you to share your views about marriage being a way out of poverty. Does it matter in the grand scheme of things?


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  1. Your second to the last paragraph summarize it all. I fully support your view because marriage is not totally a way out of poverty.

  2. Lol.
    Only if you are married to the likes of Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Otedola

    It’s a jet ride out of poverty

    • Lol. Even when an uneducated plantain seller gets married to an Engineer. As far as she and her family are concerned, she has married into money and that man has become their meal ticket

  3. Hmmmm…. This is absolutely true. I totally agree with you. Most people are getting married for the wrong reasons. Poverty is a problem especially in Nigeria. Things have gone from bad to worse. Most famliles are hoping their daughters will get married to wealthy men so that the man will take care of their daughter and their family. It is a sad situation. If our economy is doing well, I think this ‘get married to escape poverty’ mindset will reduce. God help us.

    • We shy away from this but so many people marry cos of money, to climb up the social ladder, to help their families build their political reasons. For all reasons except love. It has been in existence and will continue. It is only God that can help us.

  4. You said it all in ur conclusion, marriage is never a way out of poverty, neither is marrying a rich person bad if its true love, but a lot of people marry for the wrong reasons, May God help us

    • In a scenario of teenage pregnancy or single parent, marriage can go a long way, something about two heads better than one.

  5. Marriage can be a way out of poverty oo. Abi does anyone get married and remain broke? I mean like the two both of you are poor poor. Lol

    • Yes, it can be a way out of poverty when there is an addition of two incomes OR the wife/husband comes from a wealthy home.

  6. Marriage is not a way out of poverty. God forbids disaster, what if the unfortunate happens even if the partner is rich?

    There have been instances where the partner was previously rich but things took a downward slide.

    Working with purpose and contentment is the only way out of poverty.

  7. Then again we need to redefine “poverty” and then also ask questions like “why would a rich man marry someone from a lower class”

    Now, in her father’s house, they were unhappy for lack of money, but in her husband’s house, she is unhappy for plenty of it.. A man who marries one into wealth mosttimes never regard them, nor respect them, they marry them to keep them docile and tending to their needs. If you are not bringing anything to the table of a rich man then you are only marrying from one poverty into another poverty regardless of the money…

    So let’s start by redefining poverty..

    • That’s what most ladies do not know, most rich men who marry below their class marry for their selfish reasons. Some to have who to lord their riches over and enslave their wives. Just a few fall in love at first sight. I read one story online of a lady who married a rich man in Abuja who does not have a cent to her name. She rides the best cars, lives in one of the expensive houses but has no money of her own to pay for anything. Her husband pays for everything. She goes to the salon, to make her hair, the hairdresser sends the bill to the husband. The husband will rather pay the vendors than give his wife money and he does not want her to work. What kind of relationship will we call that?

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