While growing up as a Nigerian girl, my mom always drags me to these popular Lagos markets with her. I was not too happy about this and felt it was unnecessary. I was more of a burden than helpful to her. As time goes by, I started looking forward to the market days. There is this joke my dad always crack if everyone were like you, the street vendors would have closed shops. My mom is of the opinion that buying things in bulk saves money and reduces stress. She always says ‘it is highly disgraceful as a married woman to buy one cup of rice, one cube of Maggi from street vendors..something about diminishing your value as a wife’. Let’s dive right into some of the popular Lagos markets.


Idumota Market: One of the oldest and largest popular Lagos markets in West Africa. Major parts of Idumota market includes Mandilas, Balogun, Tinubu Square, Dosunmu, Holloway, Idumagbo etc. Lagos island as a whole, stocks all. There are jewellery, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, weavons, baby items, provisions, electronics, female and male undergarments. Ankara, George and lace wrapper, and a whole lot. It’s very vast so one needs to know where one is going to else you go lost, lol! Lagos market is my first stop as a personal shopper and a business owner.

Ijora Fish Market: Just like its name, sea fishes of different species can be purchased from here. It is located very close to Apapa seaport and PHCN Ijora. Fresh fish in cartons and live fish called “Onmi” which means ‘live fish still breathing’ are always on sale.


Mile 12 Market: From Ojota to Ketu, you can easily access this market. It is mainly known for foodstuffs. One can get Pepper in large baskets, Onions, Yams, Fruits, Vegetables etc. from this market. This is a wholesale market for retailers who move to other markets to resell.


Daleko Market: Mainly known for wholesale of Bags of Rice, Beans, Semo, Sugar etc. It is located in Iyana-Isolo very close to Mushin.


Idi Oro Market: Popularly known to be Plantain market. It is located a few kilometres away from Oloosa in Mushin. Bunch of both ripe and unripe Plantains are available based on your choice and at a very reasonable price. Wholesalers and Retailers buy to resell to consumers.

Abattoir Market – This is a large market where cows, sheep, cattle etc are sold and slaughtered. It is located in Oko-Oba, Agege Local Government Area. Butchers assemble very early in the morning to purchase various quantities to meet the demands of their customers.

Alaba International Market: It is located along Badagry Expressway, Ojo Alaba in Lagos. It is a place where you will find the largest cluster of importers and dealers on Electronic and Industrial Goods.

Computer village: The market is the largest ICT accessory market in Africa located in Ikeja. It is a market that deals with sales and purchase of computer accessories, mobile phones, computer repair, and laptops. This market homes some of the best non-educated tech gurus.

Ladipo Market: This is the biggest auto spare parts market in Lagos. You will find both new and used spare parts there. It is often said that if you don’t see the spare parts you are looking for in Ladipo market then it is not in Nigeria. People from faraway places source auto spare parts from this populated market. Ladipo market is located in Mushin Local Government Area


Aswani Market: It is popular in terms of clothing, fabrics and accessories. The market day is every Tuesday except on public holidays. This market is the first ‘bend down select’ market where Lagosians go to pick second-hand clothes. It is located in Isolo, along Cele Mile 2 road. Other places to get second-hand accessories are Katangua(Super) and Yaba Market.

Lagos is a market place. As the commercial hub of Nigeria, there are many market places in the city. Traders bring goods from the hinterland and other West African countries. There are also a lot of import goods that arrive in Lagos markets.

PS: When going to these markets, ensure you wear dark clothings trust me your clothes will get dirty with many vendors grabbing at you trying to catch your attention. Use your waist bag(you know the ones market women tie around their waist, yes, that one!). Sunglasses is a necessity cos you are gonna be walking under the sun. And keep your phone in front of you at all times, except you wanna gift the Lagos touts.


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  1. Market lady wey go soon turn woman. Na your husby go enjoy his your good eye for markets..lol

  2. It was really interesting reading this, I could imagine all the markets in these different places, I’ll like to explore all of these markets someday.

  3. I hate going to markets. The dragging here and there. “Tallest I get your size”, “tallest how far”. One even threw jeans at me to try by fire by force in katangua. ‍♂️

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