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Who remembers Tales by Moonlight? This legendary Tv show is one reality I can not forget due to the folkloric tales centred around Nigerian culture and traditions. The setting is usually a traditional setting where an old woman is surrounded by kids with the moon smiling down on them. Each story holds a moral lesson. These were good old times.

I remembered vividly when we were about graduating. My friends and I sat in the hostel and were discussing our future. I want to be an air hostess one said. My dad has connections, he will hook me up with a company another said. I kept mute cos I had nothing to say, no plans whatsoever. Abeg, I want to marry a rich man another friend said. Well, I thought to myself I am better than her.

You see it is not like I did not have any dream while growing up. I did. While you guys were playing mummy and daddy game. I, on the other hand invited my friends to my father’s sitting room, served them imaginary tea using our teacups and questioned them. I think I did not know what to do with the course I studied. Coupled with that a friend always bashed me with who goes to school to study English?. At the back of my mind, I thought to myself am I gonna become a teacher. No way, I screamed in my head. If I am going to be a teacher, I am owning the school *winks*.

Fast forward to service year, I still felt lost, very lost. I did this NIM programme then, do not know the usefulness of that management
programme, I left their certificate for them. It was later someone advised me to learn French. He even drove me to Alliance Francaise Ilorin, after making inquiries, that was the end, I did not learn French. I was done serving my father’s land and it was time to start the job search.

Truth be told, I expected the job to fall into my lap. Yes, it fell into my lap but it was not my dream job. Three months into the job I got sacked. Good, now let me get the bearing of my life. I started attending interviews, there was one that stood out for me. You know where they ask for your salary expectation. I said mine and the man said ah, how much are my collecting? (how would I know, I responded in my head). Have you seen skinny girl in transit series? I talk to myself same way Tiwa did. We can not even afford the hair you are carrying, synthetic hair guys, synthetic hair!

My dad sent me to his friend’s office in search of employment. Shebi, the man should have faced the problem that brought me to his office, no he did not. The man came in and asked, so you are Yetunde, you have grown, the last time I saw you, you were still a toddler(don’t do this to me, sir, please don’t, I silently wept). I cannot even recognize you. Why did you use hair to cover your face? While saying this, he used his hand to scatter my hair. He did all this at the reception area before he said follow me. You want to know how that story ended, it’s a story for another day.


I got tired one day and thought to myself, you learnt mini importation during NYSC, start buying and selling jewellery. That was how my jewellery business started. I started ordering from China and selling to people, the business was not sustainable, however, it took me out of the house. I met someone that got me a job during my wakabout one day.

It was the last working day of the year, how did I know this since I was not working. My friend told me. She said to come to her office so people will buy jewellery for Christmas. I dressed up and said one line of prayer. As I am stepping out today God, I am getting a job. I got to her office very late, they have closed and everyone had left. She cheered me up and said don’t worry, I will pick some things so you won’t come in vain.

I left very sad in my spirit and was about to board a bus home when my boyfriend called. I could not remember the thread of the conversation but I took it out on the poor boy. After explaining my predicament, He did not have the emotional intelligence to calm me down. One thing led to another and we started arguing, then he said do not take out your frustration on me. WOW. The conversation ended there and then, tears welled up in my eyes threatening to fall.

I was at the BRT stand, waiting my turn on the queue. When it got to my turn, I entered the bus and stared aimlessly into space. Until one noisy voice found its way into my dead thoughts ‘I am sitting beside this beautiful lady’
Why don’t yall have emotional intelligence I thought to myself, can’t you see I am not in the mood. This dude practically told me the story of his life from Oshodi to Agege. He told me about his life, his job, his family, his education, everything. I knew his father, mother and sister without meeting them.

The company I work with is recruiting, the pay is 70k, he said. You have my interest now, could you please explain further before I could turn my thoughts into words. Dude had moved on, do you know how much this shades cost me? Rewind please, you said your company is recruiting. Yes, he said, but we have closed for the year. Shit, I turned my face back towards the window. You can apply when we resume in January. Okay, thanks I said.

He asked how my day went, I told him terribly and recounted the details to him. Then I said to add salt to injury my boyfriend said I should not take out my frustration on him…He laughed, I laughed, he did not console me, the tears dropped. I smiled through it and felt better, we exchanged numbers. The story continues…I got the job, dude bought me food for the first 2 weeks, dude asked me out, my boyfriend got insecure, dude got the memo, dude stopped talking to me and life they say continues…

After listening to tales by moonlight story, the narrator asks the children what have you learnt today. The children will go on to tell the narrator what they learnt. So guys, I am the narrator here, what did you learn from this story? Lol.


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  1. I learnt that the tunnel is a mirage. The light is the reality and we’ll soon hit sunshine is we don’t stop trying.

    • True ‘lawale, not follow ‘what is yours will come to you”, even when you are in your room with a scarf tied around your head and wrapper tied around your waist.

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